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Chizhou huaqiang biomass fuel co., LTD    Chizhou huaqiang co., LTD., established in biomass fuel2015Years6Month,Is one specialized is engaged in the new energy,Environmental protection,Energy saving technology research and development and production of related products,Sales in the integration of high-tech corporate entities。In order to improve the human environment,Our duty is to improve the quality of people's life,Dedication to new and high technology product development and promotion。Main product biomass fuels,Since entering the market for the general customers the high praise,At the same time also to customers save more spending,Increases the greater benefits。    Chizhou huaqiang biomass fuel co., LTD., under the technical guidance to start a business,Innovation,A brilliant scientific spirit,Adhere to the science and technology,Diversified industrial development path,With science and technology leading the future,With professional to create the miracle,Always stick to the era theme,Pay attention to the high-tech content,High practical value,Environmental protection and energy saving...
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