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Built-in membership records management、Business capital、Mutual business of gold、Internal transfer business、Mass transfer business、On the gold business、Account management、Nissin accounts、The financial management、Integrated management functions such as statistical reports。

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On the basis of the standard version,Added automatic or、The bank on the net、Mobile banking, and other functions。Premium system can be automatically calculates the person in charge of the bank on the net pay、Cash flow, etc,Increased business then,Economically,Improve the work efficiency。

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Sunny:Rural financial situation calls for funding support auxiliary rural economic development
Sunny:Rural financial situation calls for funding support auxiliary to the countryside...Our country is agricultural country,With the rapid development of national economy,Countries began to pay more and more attention to the development of rural economy,In recent years developed policies and more investment to rural economic development,In the middle of the this year introduced a number of files is the agriculture, rural areas and farmers...[In more detail]