• The east wall
CHFPFinancial management division
  • Scientific rationality

    Scientific Rationality

    Wealth management is a science,It requires the financial planner with scientific and rational manner to help customers in the right way and attitude to do every family financial decisions。We firmly believe that every family should have family financial situation decision-making mechanism,Investment need logical architecture,Financial security needs of security system;In the process of execution need to have good service docking ground。The east wall is the wealth of scientific and rational management services and excellent financial planner training believers,This is the meaning of our existence。

  • Independent objective

    Independent & Objective

    The east wall compiled the first in China《Financial planner national professional standards》,Financial planner national professional standards,Established the theoretical foundation for industry development。As the ministry of human resources and social security of the People's Republic of China specified《Financial planner compile for universal use national vocational qualification certification materials》Write unit,And as a uniform material applied in various agencies。The east wall cumulative total of more than training financial planner80Thousands of people,Is filled with the whole country,About the wall home。

  • Professional competence

    Professional Competence

    Professional honor,Is a financial planner stick to the east wall each barriers;Keep pace with The Times,Is the east wall finance division constantly learning new knowledge、New skills for ascension;In the process of help customers to solve the problem,The east wall advisers have corresponding wealth management core competencies、Professional knowledge and experience,And has a wide range of tax、The law、Investment、Experts in the field of insurance and other professional resources,As a professional spirit、Professional attitude、Competence to reflect the value of a financial planner。

  • The east wall

    Financial consulting co., ltd. was founded in the east wall1994Years,Company for more than twenty years and witnessed the development of China's wealth management industry and finance division industry and growth。

    The east wall is devoted to financial practice talents cultivation and the first domestic research institutions,At present, the east wall has formed has financial education、The service of talents strategy、Financial publishing and media、Financial conference and exhibition、High-end multiple business sectors such as financial services platform,Can provide comprehensive quality services for all kinds of financial customers comprehensive enterprise。

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